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USB Keys

It would be handy to allow secure access to a USB key for the Kiosk user to upload from (email attachments ?) and to download onto.
I imagine, though, that this is non trivial:
  • allow the user to mount/unmount a USB storage device,
  • allow read and write by browser to files on that USB device only (ie not any other mounted USB devices),
  • restrict execution of files on that device, etc.
Looks neat though, even if I don't have F8 yet to try it out :-)

Just my $0.02

The Latest Fedora 8 policy includes the boolean


Which when turned on allow the xguest user to mount usb devices and write to them.

It would not differentiate between other mounted usb devices, but I think DAC would prevent the user from doing something to those.

Intel wanted to do something better but felt it had to react to competition and thus released quickly made the just to have something.

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