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Thanks. I should also write man pages for my modules.
Semange should be replaced with semanage.

Bad selinux-policy f8 package

[admin@localhost ~]$ man samba_selinux
No manual entry for samba_selinux
[admin@localhost ~]$ rpm -q -l selinux_policy | grep /usr/share/man
[admin@localhost ~]$ rpm -q -l selinux-policy | grep /usr/share/man
[admin@localhost ~]$

Should be /usr/share/man/man8, not /usr/share/man/man/man8 .

some typos

semange should be semanage I guess ;)


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Thanks for the advice.


Great advice man - really helpful.

Thank you

Brilliant - couldn't work out why I could see the folders but not the files themselves. I had upgraded from Fedora 8 to 12 and was trying to re-create my server shares and it was driving me mad!

Many, many thanks.

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