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Hi =)
Your news is very interesting =)

But I have a little question :
How can I allow xguest user to access internet by all the ports and all the applications ?

Thx a lot =)

Re: Allow all internet

Well that is kind of what user_u is. So I would change the user type to user_u if you want full network access.

You could write custom policy for xguest to allow full access also.

Ok, thank's for your answer =)
So, if I change the xguest usertype to user_u, it allows internet connection but it keep the kios mode enabled ?
This is what I want !

Thank you very much for this prompt response.

Re: Allow all internet

Something like

semanage login -m -s user_u xguest

Re: Allow all internet

It's work better =)
novelclient connects to the server but he cannot mount the folder.
I think there is a problem with ncpfs tooles and SELinux's rules.


Re: Allow all internet

Email me the audit.log


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