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Customizing xguest policy.
Peter Harmsen sent me an email asking the following:

I have switched the user role of an existing account to xguest_u thus enabling kiosk mode for this specific user. Works like a charm, thanks. Now i only need to permit ssh access.

According to :

# grep ssh /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -R
require {
        type xguest_t;
    type devlog_t;
        type guest_t;
        class sock_file write;

#============= guest_t ==============
allow guest_t devlog_t:sock_file write;

#============= xguest_t ==============

How could i give the xguest user also ssh access in addition to web browsing with firefox?

My response was that he should create a policy module to add these allow rules by executing

# grep ssh /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -R -M myssh
# semodule -i myssh.pp

Peter responded that this worked perfectly.

I decided to examine this further.

I would have used:


Which allows the xguest_t and more specifically the ssh application to send syslog messages.


Allows xguest_t and  ssh to connect to ssh ports.

# semanage port -l | grep ssh
ssh_port_t                     tcp      22

I was somewhat surprised that Peter did not need to add:


#  These two lines allow support for labeled packets to flow across the machine.
# Allows xguest to send/recv packets on all interfaces.
# Allows xguest to send/recv packets too all nodes.

Investigating further,  the xguest module  includes the following interface:


This interface allows xguest_t to do translate UIDs to user names on machines using network logins. The command
# ls -l

requires this.

The auth_use_nsswitch interface  adds allow rules  for accessing DNS  for resolving hostnames (dns_port_t) and allow rules for accessing LDAP (ldap_port_t).  auth_use_nsswitch also can adds rules allowing access to NIS/YPBIND ports, but this is protected by the allow_ypbind boolean.

We policy developers should add a new boolean (use_ldap_auth?) to turn off ldap access for confined applications on machines that do not use LDAP password information.

What about minimal privilege?

Peter added connect access to ssh_port_t for any application that xguest runs.  xguest_t uses minimal privilege to access httpd_port_t.  When xguest_t tries to access the Internet, only firefox is allowed access, all other apps are denied.  A more secure solution for Peter might have been to write a new policy for the /usr/bin/ssh command.

He could have labeled /usr/bin/ssh ssh_exec_t, and wrote policy to transition to xguest_t to ssh_t.  ssh_t could be the only application that connects to ssh_port_t ports.  Giving Peter true least privilege.  No other applications run by xguest_t would be able to talk to port ssh_port_t.  Problems? This adds a great deal of complexity. 

Should Peter label /usr/bin/scp ssh_exec_t?  stunnel? 

If Peter labels scp ssh_exec_t, can it read xguest_home_t?  xguest_tmp_t?  Random files on his machine?  If he copies file to his local machine, can it what to his home directory? (xguest_home_t)?

Working towards true Least privilege is a noble goal, but with potentially a large increase in complexity.

 Depending on your security goals, SELinux gives you the flexibility to get the security you need.

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This is a great post but all these spammers are ruining it

Hi =)
Your news is very interesting =)

But I have a little question :
How can I allow xguest user to access internet by all the ports and all the applications ?

Thx a lot =)

Re: Allow all internet

Well that is kind of what user_u is. So I would change the user type to user_u if you want full network access.

You could write custom policy for xguest to allow full access also.

Ok, thank's for your answer =)
So, if I change the xguest usertype to user_u, it allows internet connection but it keep the kios mode enabled ?
This is what I want !

Thank you very much for this prompt response.

Re: Allow all internet

Something like

semanage login -m -s user_u xguest

Re: Allow all internet

It's work better =)
novelclient connects to the server but he cannot mount the folder.
I think there is a problem with ncpfs tooles and SELinux's rules.


Re: Allow all internet

Email me the audit.log

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