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Re: setroubleshoot client / server connection

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the quick answer. Another question related to setrobuleshoot. My setroubleshoot process is running and so does the auditd. But I did not see any sealert message throw to the /var/log/message when a blocking is happening. I put the setroubleshootd to debug mode and find the following:
2010-05-25 11:52:12,524 [avc.INFO] attempt to open audit socket (/var/run/audit_events) failed, error='No such file or directory'
2010-05-25 11:52:12,525 [avc.WARNING] could not open any audit sockets (/var/run/audispd_events, /var/run/audit_events), retry in 60 seconds
Do you know how I should resolve the problem? I can't find much info online.


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