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Congratulations on getting that out there! I'm really excited about having this available!

PDF and/or ODT format?

All efforts to improve the SELinux documentation for Fedora are most welcome as I am sure I am not the only person who would like to utilize it, but constantly battle with the complications of making things work under its enhanced security settings.

Any chance of also making the documentation available in PDF and/or ODT formats to make it easy for me to take with me to read on the plane on my netbook?

This is great — and long overdue, I might add! Is there a pdf yet for offline browsing?


Do you know whether we have some offline version for download? I like to read while commuting ... ;-)

Murray has made a couple of downloadable versions available.


HTML Single:

There are white margin going from right to left in the document, because it is designed to be printed and put together as a book.

Re: Murray has made a couple of downloadable versions available.

Great. Thanks for arranging the PDF.

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