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I failed to mention one critical detail.

This upgrade eliminates the setroubleshoot init service.

Helping to speed up the boot process one service at a time! :^)

Before looking at everything do you mind giving a little more info?

Is sedispatch in the auditd srpm? I don't have a rawhide system to play with ATM and am looking at eventually building/packaging these SELinux gui tools for other distributions.


sedispatch is part of setroubleshoot and is installed in the setroubleshoot-server package.

This package should theoretically should work fine with F10 or other distributions, I don't think I sucked in any python 2.6 requirements, so you could try to build it on another distribution.

(Deleted comment)
Yes that would be nice if python would become less of a memory hog. Rewriting setroubleshoot totally in C would be prohibitively expense and tough to support. But I would look at patches. If someone figured out there is something stupid in the code that is using so much memory, I would gladly fix it. But I have a feeling the problem is in python.

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