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Not enough customers are in the know to realize they should be demanding such features. I think enough people have to start offering it first, or it needs to be legislated (which i'm not a fan of), so that consumers are used to expecting it.

The understanding of the risks here is still evolving. I don't expect this sort of feature to be a bullet point for hosting providers soon...not till RHEL6/Centos6 come with this out of the box and providers gain some experience with setting this up on their production iron and feel confident to advertise it as a differentiator. I expect Red Hat to talk this issue up as part of the marketting in RHEL6. In the meantime, providers are going to need to dabble with the capability of the SVirt enabled tools in Fedora 12.

My point is.. for those customers who are aware...and do go shopping for this sort of protection..its difficult for them to hold their vendors feet to the fire in terms of quality assurance. There maybe a business opportunity here for Red Hat to certify hosting vendors as SVirt managed since I can't easily verify it myself as a customer.


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