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That's precisely the point

That's precisely what he is saying. Instead of "sandbox acroread", "sandbox openoffice", "sandbox whatever" you create a single "sandbox xdg-open" script and it will run the (sandboxed) default application for the relevant content type.

Because of the way Firefox sets up these things, this is less attractive than it seems, because you will need to set up separate sandbox commands for many hard-coded (or at least default-installed) content types. Perhaps the list of "known" content types could be pruned so you only need one instance of the sandbox command.

See also http://portland.freedesktop.org/xdg-utils-1.0/xdg-open.html

xdg-open exits immediatly which causes the sandbox a problem

Sandbox will exit when the app it is running exits.

Is there a way to get xdg-open to not exit but wait for the app that it is starting to exit?

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