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Thank you for all the valuable info on your site; it makes it a lot easier working with SELinux and ensuring a proper/secure system configuration. It would be nice if you could elaborate on the other details in the "output" of your customizations, i.e. "-M" and other formatting info that's there. Otherwise, keep up the good work to educate people on how to properly use SELinux, instead of simply disabling it as many do.

Well the other code is just the same commands you would have executed with semanage commands.

IE If you had executed

semanage fcontext -a -f 'all files' -t samba_share_t '/shared/samba(/.*)?'

Then semanage -o

Would output

fcontext -D
fcontext -a -f 'all files' -t samba_share_t '/shared/samba(/.*)?'

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