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hi, i would like to know how to completely remove ALL file labels created by SELinux:
ive been encountering problems installing software on FC5 but works on RH9 & FC4!!

FC4 file label: system_u:object_r:etc_t
FC5 file label: system_u:object_r:etc_t:s0

on regular files these labels no longer exist.. im thinking this could be the source of my problems. some questions below:

1. would taking out all labels have any significant effect on the system?
2. how do i remove all labels on files and folders? (chcon syntax e.g. chcon -t label -h)
3. what does the s0 label mean (see above FC5 file label system).

* SElinux has been completely disabled on grub.conf and /etc/selinux/config

Re: SELinux labels

1. As far as I know labels are SELinux mechanism and you can't remove them. You can disable SELinux system itself and all security related mechanism will go away. I am not sure if you want to go that way though.

2. Again, you can not remove labels it is part of SELinux system. However, you can change them with whatever fits your security model.

3. Those are level of security, read Dan's earlier article.

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