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Re: To the contrary

Actually, to be fair to Crispin...I believe he's been traveling quite a bit over the last month...probably more so than he's used to. Know I've seen him at a few locations across the US this month and I've been traveling a bit...he might have missed this...don't think he'd avoid confrontation to be honest :-)

But please feel free to post the question to him directly or to the public forum set up for AppArmor (which I believe he may watch a bit more than this blog...no offense) and you'll probably get the answers you need.

If you think they're wrong, by all means, ask them to show their proof or stop saying it. But honestly, most of the folks I've known at Novell don't blatantly lie...it's really not in their nature...most are actually hard working individuals just like at other organization trying to make a difference, e.g. RedHat, Apple, etc.

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