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Text Relocation problem with Seamonkey

Running into this problem with the flash-plugin as well as with the Seamonkey suite also exhibiting this error, it was easier to just put SELinux into permissive instead of researching the problem.
Anyway, having a popup screen that informed me that seamonkey-bin would not start because of text relocation and generating a bug report would be fine. The problem lies in the fact that the submittal of reports needs a mailer other than sendmail from localhost on most systems due to spam prevention efforts at most sites that a bug report will be submitted. Saving the information to a file and advising the user to include it with a bug report would probably be wiser. Sending the warning to the system administrator will also help.
With the error due to text relocation encountered by myself and other users, the application just did not launch. The bug-buddy or SELinux tool informing me that there was a problem and to submit a report and also use the command to be able to use the application until the patch is applied would have helped out a lot.

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