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I'm actually the person who left the comment above; I've been successfully using pam_google_authenticator with the .file in /var/run/user/${USER} for a while now. However, there is one thing to be aware of:

The init scripts on Fedora seem to empty /var/run/user on boot or shutdown. Therefore, after a reboot, you can't login, and it doesn't fail with a sensible error message - it just drops you back to a login/gdm prompt :o(

I solved this with an entry in /etc/rc.local which copies the file into place on boot, but it's hacky and it's clear why - /var/run/user isn't really meant for these kinds of files.

Yes I just checked in some fixes to allow sshd and other login programs to edit ~/.google_authorization file.

I have a couple more questions within the bugzilla, and then will probably update the blog. I might have jumped the gun. :^(

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