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Re: DrKonqi, ABRT etc.

THen I guess I would tell the DrKongi tool to disable the boolean. I still feel this is enough of a feature to allow most of gnome users and therefore most of Fedora users the ability to stop apps from examining other apps memory.

So first of all, it's called "DrKonqi" with a 'q' (lowercase 'Q'), it's named after "Konqi", the mascot of KDE and Konqueror.

DrKonqi is used by all apps built on the KDE Platform (kdelibs and related libraries), independently of the desktop environment you run it under. There are many users of GNOME and other non-KDE desktops using e.g. K3b, Kile etc. By breaking DrKonqi, you will break those applications' automated bug reporting and thus actively sabotage upstream's efforts to fix crash bugs. It is just not an acceptable default.

And how would we disable the boolean? I guess we could run setsebool in the KDE spin kickstart, but that would not help for all the users of kdelibs-based applications under other desktops, nor for KDE Plasma Workspace users installing from the DVD.

And finally, while DrKonqi is the one I'm familiar with, I'm fairly sure there are other crash reporting tools working the same way.

Re: DrKonqi, ABRT etc.

Whatever rpm installs the DrKonqi functionality should check in its post install if the deny_ptrace is turned on and then disable it iff it is the initial install.

setsebool -P deny_ptrace 1

If any other package needs this functionality it could to the same, then each of us are happy.

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