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Why I love Open Source... II
When SELinux does a full relabel, it prints a * for each 1000 files that it relabels.

Some users were complaining about a full relabel and not being able to estimate how much time was left. 

I explained to them that I did not know how many files were on the file system, so I could not estimate how much time was left.  They explained to me that there was ways to look at the file system and get then number of inodes, and then you could estimate how much time was left.  I told them patches accepted, and within a couple of days, I got a patch from John Reiser. 

As of policycoreutils-2.1.10-21.fc17

If you do a touch /.autorelabel; reboot or a fixfiles restore

You will see output like

# fixfiles  restore

With the counter slowly rising.

Open source opens the possibility for all of us to contribute and make the whole better.

Thanks John.

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Yes I think there are some warts to work out. I take it you had more then one file system mounted.

I think the current patch works best if you have one file system mounted.

But it is better to open bugs in bugzilla, please.

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