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I haven't opened bug reports, and don't expect that I will. Sometimes, the appropriate response to a mess that others have created is to pitch-in and help; but other times it's best just to go home.

A count of man pages is a poor metric for the quality of documentation. The immediate, dire problem with SELinux is in the gateway documentation — written for those unfamiliar with SELinux as they try to develop such familiarity. The ostensible gateway documentation that one finds for SELinux is characterized by lacunæ, by peculiar, undefined terms, and by forward references; it is readily intelligible only to those who have already passed into the citadel (perhaps by participating in its building).

As to the digging-in of heels, the problem is pretty obvious and long-standing, yet it isn't being addressed. Initially, I would attribute it to the fact that some people find it hard to teach well; but, as the problem abides, I wonder increasingly about the desire to collect informational rents, by maintaining a barrier to entry.

In any case, until better documentation is provided, you can expect “turn off that sh_t” to be common advice to users.

Re: Gateway Documentation!

Well you care enough to comment on a board, although I hate carrying on conversations on a message board. I would suggest that you bring your comments to the Fedora SELinux Mail List and we could further dig into this.

I have pointed you to a couple of "Gateway" docs, but you have not commented on them. Paul Frields pointed you to a RHEL docs on the subject.

I guess I would ask you to point me to a similar Gateway doc on a similarly complex subsystem that you like.

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