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Re: Configuring service network address

> [network.0.address.0]
> primary=
> prefix=26

The current release requires that you set the broadcast address parameter too. eg broadcast=

The next release will correctly deal with this being optional.

commit 9cc193eb309f976b67a200c4cabdb9666ae353af
Author: Daniel P. Berrange <berrange@redhat.com>
Date: Wed Mar 20 15:40:30 2013 +0000

Properly handle a NULL broadcast address

The broadcast address parameter for a network was allowed to
be NULL, but this was not handled correctly in all codepaths.

Re: Configuring service network address

Thanks. That helped me setting the IP address and route in my container.

But it still wants to connect to 'default' NAT network instead of 'bridge' bridged one I created.


# virt-sandbox-service start guest
Unable to start container: Failed to create domain: internal error Network 'default' is not active.

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