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That's a neat piece of visibility into some Fedora components I don't often see. Particularly, thanks for the link to Ulrich's notes.

On the other hand, I'm not sure that this is complete:

Problems like leaked file descriptors show the weakness in tools that automatically generate policy, since the default would be allow access to the leaked descriptors.

That's certainly true of many automatic policy generation tools. Others, like the FD Tracker in Polgen are capable of distinguishing inherited file descriptors from those freshly generated, and can have more nuanced and interesting defaults. They still can't generate policy in a vacuum. That's always going to need human review, because too much information about what the program's meant to do has been erased from the binary.

Planets don't have elliptical orbits any more than they have circular ones. Elliptical orbits are more useful tools for thinking about their orbits, not ultimate truth.

So are astronauts in the ISS’s circular orbit, so would they if they were in an elliptical orbit.

So only if they are in fairly circular orbits can they keep orbiting the magnet for a long time. Similarly one reason that the planets have fairly circular orbits is so that they dont crash into each other.

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