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Where did audit2allow go in Fedora 18?
One of the goals of Fedora 18 is to shrink the size of the Minimal install as much as possible.   We are concentrating on keeping this minimal.

Since a minimal install machine does not need to do SELinux policy development, it was decided to remove the selinux-policy-devel package from the minimal install, which is fairly large.  But audit2allow was in policycoreutils-python, and required the selinux-policy-devel package.  audit2allow needs the interface files in selinux-policy-devel package in order for  audit2allow -R to work. 

I decided to move the audit2allow script to policycoreutils-devel package, since its main job is to help develop selinux-policy.
If you do not find audit2allow you your system, just

yum install policycoreutils-devel
yum install /usr/bin/audit2allow

Note: The latest setroubleshoot-server package requires policycoreutils-devel, so if you have this installed you will get audit2allow for free...


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