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I'd argue that Bug #2 isn't a bug so much as design. ulimits are applied when you login to the system and by default while sudo lets you act like root, it doesn't log you in as root (or any other user for that matter). In order to get ulimits set properly you need to use "sudo -i". This sort of issue comes up regularly when you start dealing with products like cassandra or riak that like to open a lot of handles and the work around is to start them using "sudo -i -u cassandra service cassandra restart "for example.

Well I guess we can agree to disaggree. You might be techically right but from a usability point of view, This is poor.

If a user user can blow up an application from doing
sudo service APP restart

Not because of a process he started but because of other root processes running, then this could be seen as unexpected and confusing.

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