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Yes libvirt's goal is to pick an Unique MCS Label for svirt_t (the process) and svirt_image_t (the image label).

When it gets a unique one, it assigns it to all of that virtual machines content, then launches the process.

It always picks a 2 UNIQUE category MCS label, and there for no two labels are able to write to each others labels.

When libvirt stops a virtual machine, it relabels all of the content back to a TYPE label which no virtual machines can read or write.

For example say you had a virtual machine with an image file


When the virtual machine is running as svirt_t:s0:c1,c2 this image will be labeled svirt_image_t:s0:c1,c2 When the VM is stopped libvirt will relabel the image to virt_image_t:s0.

Type enforcement prevents any svirt_t from reading or writing virt_image_t.

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