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More than just convenience

It's worth noting that this is more than just convenience.
If if was just that we probably would not have added this to coreutils.

By integrating with coreutils, it allows one to create items
with the correct context without races. I.E. the coreutils code
sets the default context with which the file system item is created,
rather than creating as normal and adjusting afterwards.

Re: More than just convenience

Yes I agree. Have a file mislabeled is a potential security problem, or could break an application. Having it labeled correctly at creation can fix these problems.

Any idea when this might appear in CentOS?

As it will be in RHEL7, I would figure it will be in CentOS7.

Although I would prefer you to use RHEL7 :^)

This is really a some nice features, especially getting the support into "mv". I had kind of liked to have "mv" behave this way by default but I do see why that's not going to happen.

PS, you've left out some of the coreutils commands here, especially "rm" :)

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