March 14th, 2006

SELinux Wiki

Several discussions are being held on different Fedora list on SELinux and Usability. One of the big complaints has been lack of documentaiton, well...

I have been attempting to dump everything I can think of into SELinux Wiki at
But I need questions, to add the FAQ's.

How do I do XYZ in SELinux?

I also need help in cleaning up these documents, so proofreaders and doc people welcome...

Another discussion ongoing has been on usability - I would like to gather feedback about things you would like changed on the usability front of SELinux.

What do you dislike about SELinux?
Perhaps a top 10 things about SELinux I don't like list?

What do you like about SELinux?

How can we improve usability?

If you turned it off, Why?

Lots of new features have been introduced into FC5 and are continuing, how much interest would there be in back porting some of these to RHEL4?

One last thing, a great read posted on the list by Stephen Smalley...