February 24th, 2009

SELinux Summer Internship at Red Hat

Red Hat offers several internships each summer.

This summer I have an internship available to work on SELinux user space.  We are looking for someone to work on redesigning the setroubleshoot gui, as well as work on some of the other gui tools.  Potential other tasks would be on svirt, policy writing, Fedora Infrastructure.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Summer Internship fair at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, (I am a 1991 MS/CS Graduate)

We talked to a great group of students and collected close to 100 resumes.  I was handed the daunting task of trying to weed through these resumes and eliminate most because of one reason or another.  I found the process very unfair.  How does a resume show a person's enthusiasm as a programmer?  How does it show their willingness to learn?  What about other students at other schools?  Just because a student has not worked in Linux or with python or with security does not mean, he can not learn.

As an Avid Reader of Popular Science, I was fascinated by the articles on the X-Prize.  I wondered if we could have a mini contest the "SELinux Prize".  This gives students the opportunity to show  they are really interested in the summer internship and to prove themselves. 

So some criteria for the summer Internship:

You must work in the Westford, MA office for the summer.

Any one interested in the SELinux internship, needs to submit a project implementing the "Mockup Ideas" gui described in

  • Must be GPL+.
  • Must be written in Python.
    • You can either use glade or straight python.
  • Has run on a Fedora 10 system. 
  • You do not need to plug directly into the setroubleshoot infrastructure.  I am just looking for a working demo.
  • Project is due March 28th,

Please submit project along with your resume to dwalsh@redhat.com.

I will set up an interview with the owners of the best projects.

Good Luck