January 30th, 2011

Presenting at Fudcon.

These are the links to the presentations I have given at Fudcon.

Writing SELinux Policy

Introducingthe SELinux Sandbox

FudCon talks:
Interesting talks on autoQA.  The basic idea of this tool was to look at Updates and make sure they don't break the distribution.
For example they are doing a dependency check on an update package, and if it fails, the package will not be allowed to be pushed.
One suggestion I had for the tool was to make sure the updated package did not cause the Minimal Install to increase size.  Similarly it could make sure the desktop livecd would still fit on a cdrom or whatever the maximum size is.

Only saw the tail end of the Matahari talk, but looks like an interesting product, that we might be able to take advantage of.   We need to write SELinux policy for it, and some how figure we could use sectool/openscap with it.

Attended the Spins Talk, which I am still interested in integrating the ability to build the kiosk OS.