New MLS videos at

We no how much you like SELinux!!!

Well if you really want to turn up the enjoyment, why not try Multi Level Security (MLS) policy?

Well you probably only want to do this if you need to store data on a machine that is truly multi level. 

MLS Policy (selinux-policy-mls)

We have been shipping MLS policy since RHEL5, and Fedora 6.

RHEL5 and RHEL6 have achieved a government certification of EAL4+/LSPP.  This certification basically says that these Operating Systems are able to store and handle data that  has different Security levels, like Top Secret/Secret/Unclassified.  It is the same certification that Trusted Solaris achieved.  Bottom line is the Defense Organisations are using SELinux MLS on RHEL5 and RHEL6  in the most sensitive places.   If you are an administrator of these types of machines, you need to see some new videos on

Dave Egts is at it again.

I absolutely loved Dave's videos on confined users.  Whenever I teach SELinux Roles Based Access Control (RBAC), I show the videos.

They are Must See TV

Dave does a great job of explaining complex technology  in short easy to consume videos.

Now Dave and the folks who build the content on have put together 8 MLS Videos.

Multilevel Security with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SELinux

Check it out.


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