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Containers and MLS

I have just updated the container-selinux policy to support MLS (Multi Level Security).  

SELinux and Container technology have a long history together.  Some people imagine that containers started just a few years ago with the introduction of Docker, but the technology goes back a lot further then that. 

SELinux originally supported two type of Mandatory Access Control,  Type Enforcement and RBAC (Roles Based Access Control).  

Type Enforcement

Type Enforcement is SELinux main security measure.  Basically every process on the system gets a assigned a type (httpd_t, unconfined_t, container_t ...)  And every object (file, directory, socket, tcp port ...) gets assigned a type. (httpd_sys_content_t, user_home_t, httpd_port_t, container_file_t).  Then we write rules that define the access between process types and object types. Note: The type field is always the third field of the SELinus label.

allow container_t container_file_t:file { open read write }

Anything that is not allowed is denied.

RBAC (Roles Based Access Control)

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