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I have been fooling around with using SELinux and network labels.
I am constantly playing with new ways of using SELinux to enhance level of security.  Lately I have been playing with adding labels related to network connections.  I wrote an article that was a little long for a blog, and linux.com was nice enough to publish it for me.


Hope you enjoy it, or at least understand it.


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You might want to get someone at linux.com to sort this out:
running as “unclassified†from reading a “Top Secret†packet
I thought it was just a classic case of Mojibake, but it's worse that that. It looks like they have some kind of preprocessing tool that not only gets the encoding wrong, but modifies the resulting output to include HTML character entities. Thus no amount of changing the browser's encoding can fix the problem. The HTML for the above snippet is:
running as “unclassified†from reading a “Top Secret†packet

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