danwalsh (danwalsh) wrote,

New Kiosk OS posted for Fedora 15

Thanks to Miroslav Grepl, he has put together a working Kiosk OS for Fedora 15.

Name                    Last modified      Size  
Parent Directory                             -   
kiosk.iso               12-Jul-2011 19:51  1.2G  
kiosk.ks                12-Jul-2011 19:46   11K  
As you can see the ISO is quite large since we added LibreOffice.

The Kiosk OS was originally written for Fedora 13 and explained in my Blog


If you want to make this into a uninterruptable boot you should create the USB or DVD with the

livecd-iso-to-disk  --totaltimeout 1 myiso /dev/sdb

man livecd-iso-to-disk

           Adds a bootloader totaltimeout, which indicates how long to wait
           before booting automatically.  This is used to force an automatic
           boot.  This timeout cannot be canceled by the user.  Units are 1/10s.

Meaning the livedvd or liveusb will boot automatically in .1 seconds and can not be stopped.


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