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New GUI for managing SELinux
I have added a new gui package to policycoreutils.   The rpm package is policycoreuitls-gui. 
The goal of this gui is to be able to manage the SELinux components of the system. 
You can run this tool via the command system-config-selinux
The tool is still under development.  Any comments/bugzillas,patches appreciated.
policycoreutils-gui is currently available in rawhide and on my people page.
This tool will be released to FC6 when it stabilizes.  At that time it will be submitted upstream also.

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Most excellent! Glad to see this.

die, system-config-securitylevel

Does this mean we can get rid of the SELinux half of system-config-securitylevel? If so, it might be nice to work this into firstboot somehow. On the other hand, maybe this sort of thing is just too confusing for the average user and shouldn't be in firstboot to begin with. Also, any plans for a text interface? I don't imagine so, but at least I can move the bug for one against s-c-sl to a different component.

I'm in the middle of moving apartments so I'm probably not going to be in the office tomorrow, but I'd like to talk to you at some point in the next couple days (IRC is fine) about this as I'm kind of excited about being able to kill a bunch of code I currently own.

- Chris Lumens

Re: die, system-config-securitylevel

I would like to eventually get SELinux out of the first boot section, but for now I think you still need Enforcing/Permissive/Disabled button. Booleans should be removed.

I'd love to see a version of this in Webmin, since SEEdit removed their webmin support...

Nice Tool ...... If only I had a GUI ......
I stumbled upon your LJ after banging my head for awhile trying to fgiure out why apache couldn't followsymlinks. SELINUX again.

It would have told you right away what the problem was.

Re: Try setroubleshoot

I'll have to remember this going forward. I think I'll also get a book on selinux. Thanks.

any chance of seeing this GUI in RHEL4?

I would love to see policycoreutils-gui in RHEL4.
and what I think that would be really great would be some means to run it on a GUI enabled box and transfer the policy to live servers (where GUI should not exist)

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