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New GUI for managing SELinux
I have added a new gui package to policycoreutils.   The rpm package is policycoreuitls-gui. 
The goal of this gui is to be able to manage the SELinux components of the system. 
You can run this tool via the command system-config-selinux
The tool is still under development.  Any comments/bugzillas,patches appreciated.
policycoreutils-gui is currently available in rawhide and on my people page.
This tool will be released to FC6 when it stabilizes.  At that time it will be submitted upstream also.

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Nice Tool ...... If only I had a GUI ......
I stumbled upon your LJ after banging my head for awhile trying to fgiure out why apache couldn't followsymlinks. SELINUX again.

It would have told you right away what the problem was.

Re: Try setroubleshoot

I'll have to remember this going forward. I think I'll also get a book on selinux. Thanks.

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